LAMP is the acronym for the open-source stack comprising Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Linux is the operating system, Apache the web server, MySQL the database, and PHP the programming language.

All these pieces of the infrastructure are Open Source products, requiring a minimum of hardware, software, and personnel to run with maximum stability and security. Which ensures that caSaaS customers and partners get the best possible price/performance for their websites.

open source. rock solid.

Each of these pieces are in use all over the world by a multitude of companies and organizations. From small, home-grown companies to large, multinational corporations. The LAMP stack has truly received the stamp of approval by the foremost IT practitioners in the world.

open standards. open solutions.

Even though caSaaS web CMS is built upon the open-source LAMP stack, it will still play nice when it comes to integrating with systems based on other stacks, say Microsoft .net or various Java-based platforms. Objects based on SOAP or XML can exchange data and functionality with your caSaaS web CMS website.