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Run your own SaaS company.

caSaaS web CMS enables you to run your own SaaS operation — with profit margins as if the rich content management software had been developed in-house.

As a caSaaS Value-Added Reseller you market caSaaS web CMS. Either by employing your own creative resources. Or in cooperation with Creative Partners who create custom-designed websites for small and mid-sized companies. And together you then deliver the complete, custom solution to the customer.

caSaaS provides the software, continual upgrades, application maintenance, and hosting as one convenient package. At a price that is competitive with open-source offerings. If hosting is central to your business, caSaaS will deliver the former three elements to you, leaving your company to deliver the hosting.

outsourced pain. in-house margins.

If your company is already an established software vendor, you may choose to integrate caSaaS web CMS with your existing offerings. As such you may have found a bridge to the world of Software-as-a-Service. 

A VAR also provides technical implementation and integration services for the Creative Partner and product support for both partners and customers. These services represent additional revenue opportunities in your new SaaS world.

You can be on your way to recurring SaaS revenue today. Please fill out our very brief partner inquiry form and you will be contacted as soon as we can.