E-mail newsletters

Stay in touch with your customers and other people who are interested in your company and your products. Send out e-newsletters that support your branding and its professional look.

All your e-mail newsletters are instantly available on your website - for those who have deleted them but regretted, for those who remember your writing something interesting, and also for the search engines. That's right, your e-mail newsletters have a second SEO job - improving your rankings by letting their content be indexed to YOUR website, not that of some e-mail company. 

idea generated. information sent.

You may send out newsletters in both text and HTML-format. In case of the latter, you simply create a page using your website design and send it off - professionally looking down to the last pixel. And you may of course use all the dynamic elements that you would normally use on a page: news items, data lists, objects, etc. Your audiences only receive newsletters aimed at the group or groups that they belong to.

No. of e-mails included in Corporate subscriptions per month: 25,000 (may be expanded as needed).

No. of newsletters: unlimited*.

No. of newsletter groups: unlimited.

Newsletter module: no added charge.

*) if not limited for HTML-newsletters by page count in certain Corporate subscriptions.