All caSaaS web CMS subscriptions include fast, secure, business-class hosting. And not only for your sites, all the tools of caSaaS Manager are hosted alongside as well. Meaning that your audience can visit and you can manage your sites anytime, from anywhere.

Each caSaaS subscription comes with a generous allowance of storage and data transfer that it's unlikely that you'll ever outgrow.So, to get going, there is no hardware to buy, no software to install, no bandwidth considerations, and no backup worries. It's all business class, and it's all taken care of in one simple subscription.

always on. business class.

Your assets are hosted in a secure, professional data center. With all kinds of precautions taken when it comes to power supplies, Internet backbone access, physical access restrictions, and daily backup routines. Your only consideration is the number of pages in your website or websites. If your site only contains few pages, you of course pay less. And if you grow, your subscription will expand so that it still fits your needs.

All inclusive: no added charge.