Get the full effect of your thoughts and efforts of your blog posts. With caSaaS web CMS you can concentrate and host your blog on the same platform and domain as your website, your e-mail newsletters, and your e-commerce.

Yes, that means that the search engines wil recognize your expertise and wise thoughts contained on your blog. And, they will correctly index it to your domain - increasing the likelihood that the world will find you when it needs you the most.

Key components

If you need it, your caSaaS web CMS subscription will be delivered with the blog module, ready to style with your custom design for your caSaaS Creative Partner.

Selected references

Pillar One Consulting

The calm authority of this design establishes Pillar One's expertise in employee engagement consulting. Blog and social media integration improve search engine optimization results.

Write Choice Services

From writing services to books, this website and e-commerce solution depends on Data Lists and Dynamic KeyPaths™ to help with SEO in order to improve search engine rankings.


With a background in web application development, Cobbwebs valued relational data lists and 100% HTML and CSS control in selecting caSaaS web CMS as their new web platform.

Atlantic Crossing

Accelerating software revenues is explained in several nested views of relational Data Lists. All content, including the blog, is tagged for easy navigation and retrieval.

The Bowpop

This Custom QuickLayout contains a flexible product catalog in caSaaS Data Lists, fully integrated with e-commerce and payment functionality.