E-commerce sites

Few things display value more clearly than an e-commerce solution — when it is exciting, up-to-date, and technically sound.

You can implement your product or service catalog in caSaaS™ Data Lists, then integrate with popular shopping carts/payment gateways like FoxyCart. You can even complete the loop by receiving back transaction data in XML format and displaying it in another data list on your login-protected intra- or extranet.

Key components

Implementing even advanced e-commerce solutions is simple in caSaaS web CMS. Please read on for some of the relevant modules/features:

Data Lists Forms Design
File Manager Objects Integration

Selected references

The Concept Collection

Data Lists power this showroom, making thousands of product variants easy to maintain. Dynamically filtered displays also handle dealer locations integrated with Google Maps.

Raab Sales, Inc.

Doing justice to technical products is often a challenge. This custom design displays products grouped either by technology or by usage, all fed by fully relational Data Lists.

Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance Fund

An example of an affordable solution, based on a customized HTML-template, yet with full authority to create custom pages and control social media integration.

Write Choice Services

From writing services to books, this website and e-commerce solution depends on Data Lists and Dynamic KeyPaths™ to help with SEO in order to improve search engine rankings.


Danish accounting software vendor Winfinans features internet-centric solutions. Support documents are organized and easily retrievable via Data Lists and Dynamic KeyPages™.

Georgia Hunter Jumper Assoc.

This non-profit organization relies on lots of forms and fully relational data lists to ensure instant communication with and e-payments from members and sponsors.

The Bowpop

This Custom QuickLayout contains a flexible product catalog in caSaaS Data Lists, fully integrated with e-commerce and payment functionality.

caSaaS™ web CMS

Our own service features six websites, each tailored for a specific audience. Examples: the Business Opportunity Center, the Customer Center, and the Creative Partner Center.