Search-engine appeal

caSaaS web CMS leads you through maybe 80% of your Search Engine Optimization process. Seemingly by magic, but in reality it's very straightforward. You simply get Search-Engine Appeal without spending a fortune on SEO.

search engine. find optimization.

Your caSaaS Partner delivers a professional design that is also structurally sound - an absolute must for the search engines. And caSaaS itself makes sure that the search engines can find and index ALL your content. Consistent use of meaningful URL's (like and a logical navigation structure are good examples.

In other areas, your web designer's efforts to adhere to best-practice principles are supported by caSaaS web CMS. Standards-based use of tags is one of the more obvious examples here.

best practice. perfect game.

But the one thing for all to see is your always-updated content. Updated and interesting for everyone in your audience - as well as for all the search engines. Plus, if you start sending out e-mail newsletters to your customers and prospects, you not only get mindshare with that audience, you also get additional, fresh, relevant content on your website. And the better Search Engine rankings that will follow.