caSaaS web CMS gives you one platform for your company or organization. For websites, blogs, e-mail newsletters, intranet, payment collection, e-commerce, social media, and search-engine optimation. At a cost that any size operation can afford.

growing business. grown website.

caSaaS web CMS breaks new ground in ease of use. Practically anyone can now add new pages to a website, post on a blog, or send out e-mails to customer prospects – all in a few minutes. And the combination with total, pixel-perfect control over the graphic layout gives the growing business a brand new weapon.

Such a combination may be possible in other ways, but consider the financial picture. Unlike many website solutions, caSaaS web CMS doesn't cost $10,000 in up-front licensing fees. Plus thousands for extra modules, servers and annual upgrade and maintenance fees.

Instead, caSaaS web CMS is available as Software-as-a-Service at a monthly subscription fee of only $120 that covers it all. For an unlimited number of sites with an unlimited number of pages. And if you need a not-so-big site, subscriptions with a limited number of pages, but still including all functionality, are available from only $15 per month.

Now even a small business can profit from having a big web presence.

All modules: one low charge.