You and your designer have pixel-perfect control with caSaaS web Content Management Suite. Yet, it takes no special training to add website content on the fly. Or to change your content immediately.

standard base. custom finish.

In most systems, you can have one or the other. Nice layout and graphics. Or easy editing in a template-based system. With caSaaS web CMS you control the template down to the last pixel. And practically anyone can figure out how to edit content with speed and ease.

Content isn't restricted to text and images. You can insert Twitter feeds, Flash productions, upload files, create news items, send out newsletters, blog, create data lists, and protect information behind a secure login access. All the functionality is always included.

And when the time comes to change the overall design, you do just that. And keep all the content and structure that you have spent energy and time creating. Leaving you time to invent some other wheel.

Flexibility: no added charge.