In the list below, you'll find examples of solutions created using caSaaS™ web CMS. You may narrow the number of examples by selecting one of the pre-set filters for solution type in the navigation column on the left.

This page was created using standard caSaaS web CMS functionality, fed by a single data list, related to several other data lists.

Estill Voice Center Helga Westmark

This subtle, graphic Custom QuickLayout lends a clear voice to the services of this musician, singer and instructor. Seamless integration of video completes the picture.


A minimalist, responsive Custom QuickLayout for this Scandinavian forestry and wood products company. Relational Data Lists connect products and projects in nested displays.


A retro-style, responsive Custom QuickLayout underscores the strong visual focus that lets the many photos speak their thousands of words. Products in relational Data Lists.

Deal Pickle Creative

A custom QuickLayout got this marketing agency up and running in a hurry. The built-in blog and e-mail newsletters help create the fastest shortcut from idea to published content.

Adar Dental

A custom QuickLayout powers this dental specialist website. Subsites focus on each target group, ensuring uncluttered, relevant information - AND top SEO performance.

The McCourt Foundation

This non-profit foundation works with donors and beneficiaries via this fully responsive design - an HTML-template with slideshows and dedicated pages for events and sponsors.

Walden Businesses, Inc.

Fully relational Data Lists drive this multi-location business broker website. Prospects may filter businesses available by industry, location, and revenue - and search by keywords.

D&B Cleaning Solutions

This commercial office cleaning specialist wanted to expand its brand in the metro Atlanta area. A mix of slide shows and newsletters keeps customers and prospects informed.

The Concept Collection

Data Lists power this showroom, making thousands of product variants easy to maintain. Dynamically filtered displays also handle dealer locations integrated with Google Maps.

Classic Benefits

Four days from decision to publishing - this solution emits competence and professionalism. Based on a customized QuickLayout, this site may add blog and e-mail newsletters almost instantly.

The Bowpop

This Custom QuickLayout contains a flexible product catalog in caSaaS Data Lists, fully integrated with e-commerce and payment functionality.

A clean, almost soothing look in a Custom QuickLayout provided this construction cooperative venture with an almost instant web presence that can be built out as needs change.

TEMCO Engineering

"The consistency expert" is matched by his own website - new pages with a consistent look are added easily and on-the-fly. The site is done in a customized HTML-template.

Ayers Construction

Corporate website featuring projects, presented in dynamic slideshows. New items are easily added as records in data lists and then auto-displayed in this Custom QuickLayout.

James C. Watkins

Traffic and family law are intensely competitive legal practice areas. This Custom QuickLayout site provides a calm introduction for visitors, be they from Google or direct referrals.

Everyday Enlightenment

When time is of the essence, a responsive Custom QuickLayout might be the solution. The design changes to fit practically any device and decision to publication may be just a few days.

FMP Productions

A fresh look in a customized HTML-template ensures that this event and marketing agency gets max value for the money. Data Lists handle celebrity client testimonials sprinkled throughout.

PBC Inc.

A professional website in a hurry was needed to show BHDT high-pressure equipment. A QuickLayout customized by a caSaaS Creative Partner fulfilled the need almost instantly.

Necessary Design mobile

caSaaS enables Necessary Design to have a quick and easy mobile/touch site, using already existing content. The HTML5/CSS3 site layout handles the various device formats seamlessly.

Askman Furniture

An artful, calm portrayal of Danish furniture design and manufacturing. Advanced Data List layouts enable easy and quick updates, even with a variety of styling applied in dynamic CSS.

Raab Sales, Inc.

Doing justice to technical products is often a challenge. This custom design displays products grouped either by technology or by usage, all fed by fully relational Data Lists.

ABC Alarms

An affordable solution, featuring a slideshow that works on practically any device. The design is a customized QuickLayout, meaning only a few days from decision to publication.

Pillar One Consulting

The calm authority of this design establishes Pillar One's expertise in employee engagement consulting. Blog and social media integration improve search engine optimization results.

Holli Elizabeth

Showcasing caSaaS Data Lists, one page manages to display data from up to six different ones. Each Data List provides info like client name, software used in production, or testimonials.


An example of an affordable solution, based on a QuickLayout, yet with full authority to create custom pages, email newsletters, and customized social media integration.

Operation Appreciation

A very quick, one-page interim solution, based on a customized HTML-template. May be built out seamlessly with new content and even more social media integration.


Danish accounting software vendor Winfinans features internet-centric solutions. Support documents are organized and easily retrievable via Data Lists and Dynamic KeyPages™.

Georgia Tennis TODAY!

This live channel serves up fresh content with social media integration: YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS-feeds. Stays fresh with iPhone and iPad content management.

Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance Fund

An example of an affordable solution, based on a customized HTML-template, yet with full authority to create custom pages and control social media integration.


With a background in web application development, Cobbwebs valued relational data lists and 100% HTML and CSS control in selecting caSaaS web CMS as their new web platform.

Write Choice Services

From writing services to books, this website and e-commerce solution depends on Data Lists and Dynamic KeyPaths™ to help with SEO in order to improve search engine rankings.

Atlantic Crossing

Accelerating software revenues is explained in several nested views of relational Data Lists. All content, including the blog, is tagged for easy navigation and retrieval.

Georgia Hunter Jumper Assoc.

This non-profit organization relies on lots of forms and fully relational data lists to ensure instant communication with and e-payments from members and sponsors.

CEO on Demand

This executive consulting company uses an annual-report style and relational Data Lists to link and display case studies, service categories, and industries.

Cox Sales & Service

The Cox site brands "repeat business" in a fresh, modern design. The market products are displayed by Data Lists using SEO-friendly keyword-rich paths for all pages.

Necessary Design

Necessary Design showcases portfolio items using Data Lists that include various media types. A Data List-based quote request system completes the solution.

Grace Design

The Grace Design website showcases the caSaaS web CMS "full freedom" for designers and developers. The flowery design is fresh. And the developer has full control over the code.

Georgia Tennis Champions Club

The official UGA Men's Tennis booster club site handles player and member info in caSaaS Data Lists. It also features e-mail newsletters and live Twitter feeds from the team.

HME Solutions

Speed and adaptability are top keywords in the medical supplier industry. caSaaS supplies both with elegant ease for the website of this consulting company.

Sullivan Consulting

This design radiates simplicity and quiet confidence in the company's technical abilities. Multiple caSaaS Objects are employed to ensure one-source maintenance.

SIT Consulting

The SIT Consulting site is technically advanced with Dynamic HTML navigation. Yet caSaaS web CMS ensures that the extreme ease of updating content is maintained.

EA Star Interiors

EA Star Interiors features an innovative structure that puts many large photos of the stunning interior designs front and center on the website.

caSaaS™ web CMS

Our own service features six websites, each tailored for a specific audience. Examples: the Business Opportunity Center, the Customer Center, and the Creative Partner Center.

HH Intellitech

Technology built into caSaaS supports this multi-site solution in English, French, German, and Danish. An innovative background design and plenty of video complete the picture.