Customized HTML-templates

Sometimes you just want the largest selection of designs possible to choose from - without having to pay for a truly custom design.

In these situations you may go to any site that sells HTML-templates, complete with CSS styling and Javascript functionality. It all works in caSaaS web CMS.

You may either customize it yourself, work with your own designer, or you can use one of our professional designers.

The customization and the template are then implemented together in caSaaS, so you get the full flexibility and powerful tools to keep your site updated and current at all times. You and your designer may also do that - and continue by adding text, images, and pages.

Selected references

The McCourt Foundation

This non-profit foundation works with donors and beneficiaries via this fully responsive design - an HTML-template with slideshows and dedicated pages for events and sponsors.

TEMCO Engineering

"The consistency expert" is matched by his own website - new pages with a consistent look are added easily and on-the-fly. The site is done in a customized HTML-template.

FMP Productions

A fresh look in a customized HTML-template ensures that this event and marketing agency gets max value for the money. Data Lists handle celebrity client testimonials sprinkled throughout.

Operation Appreciation

A very quick, one-page interim solution, based on a customized HTML-template. May be built out seamlessly with new content and even more social media integration.

Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance Fund

An example of an affordable solution, based on a customized HTML-template, yet with full authority to create custom pages and control social media integration.