Custom QuickLayouts

Custom QuickLayouts are shortcuts that make your company look bigger in a hurry, and in a very affordable way.

You start out by selecting an the existing QuickLayout that you like the most. Then you consult with a professional designer who does the custom part for you.

Colors, fonts, images are selected just for your brand. Then those are implemented and the whole solution is delivered to you - ready for your adding text, images, and more pages.

Each Custom QuickLayout comes with a number of base layouts and prices start at $395 - which includes design, customization, and implementation.

Selected references

Estill Voice Center Helga Westmark

This subtle, graphic Custom QuickLayout lends a clear voice to the services of this musician, singer and instructor. Seamless integration of video completes the picture.


A minimalist, responsive Custom QuickLayout for this Scandinavian forestry and wood products company. Relational Data Lists connect products and projects in nested displays.


A retro-style, responsive Custom QuickLayout underscores the strong visual focus that lets the many photos speak their thousands of words. Products in relational Data Lists.

Deal Pickle Creative

A custom QuickLayout got this marketing agency up and running in a hurry. The built-in blog and e-mail newsletters help create the fastest shortcut from idea to published content.

Adar Dental

A custom QuickLayout powers this dental specialist website. Subsites focus on each target group, ensuring uncluttered, relevant information - AND top SEO performance.

D&B Cleaning Solutions

This commercial office cleaning specialist wanted to expand its brand in the metro Atlanta area. A mix of slide shows and newsletters keeps customers and prospects informed.

The Concept Collection

Data Lists power this showroom, making thousands of product variants easy to maintain. Dynamically filtered displays also handle dealer locations integrated with Google Maps.

Classic Benefits

Four days from decision to publishing - this solution emits competence and professionalism. Based on a customized QuickLayout, this site may add blog and e-mail newsletters almost instantly.

The Bowpop

This Custom QuickLayout contains a flexible product catalog in caSaaS Data Lists, fully integrated with e-commerce and payment functionality.

A clean, almost soothing look in a Custom QuickLayout provided this construction cooperative venture with an almost instant web presence that can be built out as needs change.

Ayers Construction

Corporate website featuring projects, presented in dynamic slideshows. New items are easily added as records in data lists and then auto-displayed in this Custom QuickLayout.

James C. Watkins

Traffic and family law are intensely competitive legal practice areas. This Custom QuickLayout site provides a calm introduction for visitors, be they from Google or direct referrals.

Everyday Enlightenment

When time is of the essence, a responsive Custom QuickLayout might be the solution. The design changes to fit practically any device and decision to publication may be just a few days.

PBC Inc.

A professional website in a hurry was needed to show BHDT high-pressure equipment. A QuickLayout customized by a caSaaS Creative Partner fulfilled the need almost instantly.

ABC Alarms

An affordable solution, featuring a slideshow that works on practically any device. The design is a customized QuickLayout, meaning only a few days from decision to publication.


An example of an affordable solution, based on a QuickLayout, yet with full authority to create custom pages, email newsletters, and customized social media integration.


With a background in web application development, Cobbwebs valued relational data lists and 100% HTML and CSS control in selecting caSaaS web CMS as their new web platform.

Sullivan Consulting

This design radiates simplicity and quiet confidence in the company's technical abilities. Multiple caSaaS Objects are employed to ensure one-source maintenance.