Responsive/mobile design

For many companies and organizations, being present and highly functional on any device is a must. Their website visitors expect to be able to swipe their way through products and images on an iPhone, an Android phone, or some tablet. And they expect beautiful images viewed on a huge wide-screen computer monitor.

Whichever design and whichever technology you and your designer elect to use, it all works in caSaaS web CMS. You can safely tell your techies that "if you can do it in HTML, you can do it in caSaaS."

Yes, that includes just about any selection from the alphabet soup: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, JSON. Even when it is not HTML - as in XML. All so you may also have highly interactive and integrated functions - for example with Google Maps.

And if you are in a hurry, you can select a Custom QuickLayout that is fully responsive. Just add custom colors, fonts, and content - nothing to download, nothing to install, and no code to upload. It's all ready from the get-go. For just $695 fully customized (without content), or for $195 "raw" (i.e. as is, you bring your own designer to customize and implement the changes).

Selected references

Estill Voice Center Helga Westmark

This subtle, graphic Custom QuickLayout lends a clear voice to the services of this musician, singer and instructor. Seamless integration of video completes the picture.


A minimalist, responsive Custom QuickLayout for this Scandinavian forestry and wood products company. Relational Data Lists connect products and projects in nested displays.


A retro-style, responsive Custom QuickLayout underscores the strong visual focus that lets the many photos speak their thousands of words. Products in relational Data Lists.

Adar Dental

A custom QuickLayout powers this dental specialist website. Subsites focus on each target group, ensuring uncluttered, relevant information - AND top SEO performance.

The McCourt Foundation

This non-profit foundation works with donors and beneficiaries via this fully responsive design - an HTML-template with slideshows and dedicated pages for events and sponsors.

Everyday Enlightenment

When time is of the essence, a responsive Custom QuickLayout might be the solution. The design changes to fit practically any device and decision to publication may be just a few days.

Necessary Design mobile

caSaaS enables Necessary Design to have a quick and easy mobile/touch site, using already existing content. The HTML5/CSS3 site layout handles the various device formats seamlessly.

ABC Alarms

An affordable solution, featuring a slideshow that works on practically any device. The design is a customized QuickLayout, meaning only a few days from decision to publication.

Operation Appreciation

A very quick, one-page interim solution, based on a customized HTML-template. May be built out seamlessly with new content and even more social media integration.


With a background in web application development, Cobbwebs valued relational data lists and 100% HTML and CSS control in selecting caSaaS web CMS as their new web platform.