Multi-lingual sites

The world is closing in. Suddenly, even small or mid-sized businesses need to communicate in several languages. Fortunately, caSaaS™ web CMS lets you handle multi-lingual solutions with ease.

Simply create a site for each language — you're not restricted by having to match all information page by page. Instead, you are free to adapt the content to the language-specific requirements. Just like you would in the real, analog world.

Key components

Maintaining multiple sites in multiple languages shouldn't be much more work than maintaining just one. caSaaS web CMS helps you out. Here are some of the relevant modules/features:

Multiple sites Data Lists Forms
Navigation Objects Design

Selected references

HH Intellitech

Technology built into caSaaS supports this multi-site solution in English, French, German, and Danish. An innovative background design and plenty of video complete the picture.