You and your designer/web developer are in complete control with caSaaS web CMS – all the way to the final pixel. Your layouts are created using the tools that your designer is already comfortable with. Besides his or her own HTML, your web developer may also insert custom CSS and Javascript for the ultimate freedom and speed in creating the exact layouts that are needed.

blazing speed. full control.

The navigation possibilities include list menus, tree menus, or drop-down, Javascript-style menus. Finally, each specific page is created using building blocks that deliver powerful functionality while ensuring adherence to the selected design.

Just as caSaaS web CMS/UP lets the user create an unlimited number of pages in an unlimited number of sites, the design options follow the same principle. All to satisfy even the most demanding audience.

No. of templates: unlimited.

No. of navigation levels: unlimited.

Design productivity: no added charge.