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Whether you and your company are creative, technical, or both, you can profit from being an authorized caSaaS Partner. caSaaS web CMS brings mature functionality and an aggressive pricing scheme to your customers' web solutions. The end result is more, both in terms of time and money: more left over to add value to the final solution, and more earnings for your company.

time saved. more value.

Creative Partners

Add to that an innovative channel concept that lets each partner add value in an optimal way. Do as much or as little as you want of both the creative work and the technical work. Either way you will be rewarded handsomely.

A Creative Partner designs the communication solutions that optimize customers' business. Besides graphic design and information structure, the Creative Partner is also welcome to perform many of the technical tasks in the website development. Or, these items may be delivered in cooperation with either a caSaaS Value-Added Reseller or caSaaS ourselves.

artistic impression. technical merit.

A caSaaS Value-Added Reseller delivers caSaaS web CMS to customers and Creative Partners. Basically, any part of the customer's final solution that contains technical issues is the responsibility of a caSaaS Value-Added Reseller. Technical implementation, custom programming, and integration to other IT-systems are all included in the deliverables for these partners. If hosting is a part of the VAR's core competencies, that component may be included in the deliverables as well.