Creative Partners

Websites by Kris

What is your business goal? Websites by Kris brings over 20 years of IT experience plus a team of equally smart folks to your project. Kris learns about your company's business needs before creating your online marketing agent.

Necessary Design

Necessary Design is a nimble design company with one very simple goal. We want to deliver you a fantastic product you can be proud of.

Grace Design

Grace Design - over 20 years of successful brand and communication solutions. We deliver creative strategies and solutions to the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors and understand that every organization requires a unique approach to meet its objectives... on time and within budget.

Holli Elizabeth

A freelance interactive media designer, Holli Elizabeth Smith creates advanced, intuitive websites that offer users a stimulating, interactive experience. Holli's clients get custom website solutions that integrate a seamless blend of technical expertise and creativity.


Viah creates and delivers "Design with a Purpose." Design that adresses specific objectives and creates results. Our professional skills, experience, curiosity, and creativity mesh with our clients' needs and wishes. In an open, shared process.