Audience mindshare

Using the built-in e-mail newsletter module in caSaaS web CMS, your company can create drip marketing campaigns - for example a monthly newsletter that keeps your company and its services "on the radar" with your customers and prospects. Which is particularly important if you run a referral-based business.

referral now. customer later.

Once a professional, custom-designed template is set up, you can send out campaigns on a moment's notice, and with as few as four clicks of your mouse. You can segment the various recipients into groups according to customer status, interests, and so on. And your audience can manage their subscriptions automatically from your website.

out of sight. still in mind.

Your e-mail newsletters land in your audience's inbox. Giving the impulse to read or at least skim your content right away. But even if it's deleted from many mailboxes, your newsletter remains on your website for as long as you want it, searchable from Google as well as locally on your site. Giving your audience a chance to go back and be reminded of the value that your company can provide.